By Agahnim,



the website will be transfered to another server as the current provider is shit. There will be some downtime.

In a month or so, the site will also be changed to some free platform as I'm going to use the ipboard licence for another project.


EDIT: to make things easier, I'll just point our domain to Discord soonish

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By Agahnim,

Anyone going to play it on launch?

A friend and myself are going to play it, would be fun if we could get a group going.

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By Robbie,

Just putting a thread up to see if anyone is still about? :o

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    • Agahnim  19 Jun 09:51 AM
    • Agahnim  19 Jun 05:34 PM
        :) :) :)
    • Agahnim  19 Jun 05:35 PM
    • Robbie  23 Jun 11:28 AM
    • Agahnim  26 Jun 01:38 PM
    • Robbie  08 Jul 10:03 AM
    • Robbie  11 Sep 08:30 PM
        Hi Bram
    • Agahnim  22 Sep 09:23 AM
        Home alone for 8 days. Woop woop
    • Zirail  23 Sep 04:46 PM
        Hey guys! How's life for everyone?
    • Agahnim  24 Sep 11:24 AM
        Super swell Perfect job, house almost finished, fairly rich, healthy. You?
    • Agahnim  30 Sep 10:06 AM
        couldn't come play ED yesterday Robbie, was out snowboarding til midnight
    • Agahnim  30 Sep 10:45 AM
        tonight i'll be on
    • Robbie  30 Sep 09:49 PM
        working away tonight. Back tomorrow
    • Zirail  16 Oct 09:42 PM
        Well, I'm super busy! Working, studying, I'm not rich but I live fairly well Glad to hear your house is almost finished!!
    • Agahnim  19 Oct 10:39 AM
        Good to hear! What're you studying right now?
    • Zirail  22 Oct 07:19 PM
        English Studies, it's the equivalent to English philology nowadays in Spain.
    • Robbie  22 Oct 07:44 PM
        Hey Cass!
    • iko  12 Feb 03:05 PM
        hope you're all keeping well guys
    • Ascahil  19 Feb 04:14 PM
        Hope y'all doing ok! God i wish i had time to nerd a little bit
    • ChahsKah  19 Feb 08:01 PM
        Still hard at work i see.
    • Zirail  27 Feb 04:08 PM
        hey, long time no see for a few of you there! hope all is well with you too
    • Agahnim  29 Feb 07:36 PM
        you all in a manly way. How time flies.
    • ChahsKah  01 Jan 07:20 AM
        Happy New Year!
    • Nazu  13 Aug 12:04 AM
        Anyone still alive ?
    • Agahnim  28 Aug 09:12 PM
        Sorry about the downtime on the server, rig crashed fully, on a new machine now.
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