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    structured, relaxed
    what kind of guild


    Sanctuary is established in december 2008, in the Lord of the Rings: Online. Over the years, Sanctuary gathered more members from Aion, Rift, Guild Wars 2 and ArcheAge.

    Sanctuary used to be a (fairly) hardcore guild trying to set new achievements in terms of grouping and raiding. We've always valued friendship in online gaming and will always keep a friendly attitude towards anyone in the game. Our relaxed, but hardcore attitude was often described as a utopian atmosphere to be in for those who did not want to spend their days amongst elitists and show-offs. We were a mature, down to earth guild filled with people that had more time on their hands than the average gamer. We don't cry about having to cancel a raid, nor about loot. We go with the flow, play and have fun while maintaining a high acitivty level as long as it's possible. Today, we still focus on our communication and friendship. We're still dedicated gamers, yet not as hardcore as we used to be. Right now it's all about good scheduling and communication that will get the best out of our guild.

    It is possible we will have 60 members in the long run, it is possible we will have only 1. We do not care, Sanctuary is our guild, we play together because we like to do so. We achieve things if we please and we slack if we please. We discuss all together.

    How to join us

    Currently we only accept new members by filling out an application form. Our guild is full, and it doesn't depend on our membercount. If we have 100 or just 1 member, we only invite people if we feel it's the right thing to do.


    We don't have any harsh requirements to join, we always make exceptions if needed. Though decent activity, being able to talk on TS and a Sanctuary-mentality is mandatory. Having a healthy dose of common sense is common sense.

    • Age 18+ as our members' age ranges from the young 20's to more than double that age.
    • You need to live in Europe and be able to play on the CET time schedule (mostly 19:00-23:00).
    • Decent activity as we do stuff every evening, we'd like for you to participate in as many activities as you can. We schedule raids based on availability, but we try to have 2 set dates per week to dedicate a few hours to just that. Being able to join at least one of those raids is mandatory to keep our guild running well. Other than that, be as casual as you'd like!
    • Able to talk on TeamSpeak & Frequent use of the forums. Communication is vital!
    • Able to announce if you'll be AFK or absent for events.
    • Have the Sanctuary mentality! Relaxed, friendly, calm and helpful. Go with the flow and don't cry!

    What you need to know

    Sanctuary's members are friends, very loyal, sharing and ambitious.

    We have a zero-tollerance in terms of arguments, flaming and being unfriendly towards player in- our outside our guild. Our main priority is to remain a group of friends, and we will not hesitate to remove players who do not add to this.

    Our "leader" is Agahnim (formerly known as Poesje, Laida, Broan)

    We have no guild structure. Some people just do some stuff that others don't. We have no official leaders or officers, though you should see Laida and Ascahil (retired) as your godfathers of Sanctuary, they have "managed" the guild for years now. All our members should consider themselves leaders, they all have equal input and we all talk and decide together on the course of the guild. We all talk to eachother on TeamSpeak every day, so it is easy to maintain a guild with no issues at all. Schedules, loot, co-operation, ... all is discussed in open circles with anyone that is willing to listen and participate. We all have full trust in eachother.

    We do not care much about your past achievements in WoW. We already know before you talk to us that you were in the best guild, as all of us. We care more about personality, we care about you as a person, not a gaming character. Let us know how you feel about us and the game, what you want to achieve with us and why you are interested in Sanctuary. Personality is our priority, characters and status can be made.

    Full process from APP to MEMBER

    If you'd like to join us, you will need to come on our TS and play with us. After a while you'll be invited to our guild (if you and us are interested in having you in our guild). You'll instantly be member of our guild. We have no titles in our guild, everyone is a member so you'll be equal as others. Nobody has priority over anyone else and you are free to discuss with everyone else about our guild from making decisions to leading groups. It's very simple.