1. Ascahil » Agahnim

    spam. check chatbox!
  2. iko » Zirail

    happy birthday Zir :) hope its a good one!

  3. iko » Zirail

    unacceptable! :P

  4. Zirail » iko

    hmmmm im not quite sure i can do that, you should ask lazy poes :P

  5. iko » Zirail

    zir can you change my name colour to army green or something equally awesome, i don't care about permissions or any of that its just the colour and what it signifies that's upsetting me :D so yea, do it...

  6. Adria » Agahnim

    Poesss.. Allow me to colour my title on GW2Fans :(

  7. Asiry » Adria

    Hayoo~ Guess who's back! 8D If you remember me that is. 3:

  8. Adria » Heavenlyheals

    Hmm.. maybe it was full xD /facepalm Didn't even say it was, I cleared up alot of room now so mail away! xD

  9. Adria » Heavenlyheals

    :o So there you are! Long time no see mr. I think pming for non-registered and non-trials/members was disabled due to problems in the past with a few spammers.. so I don't think you can pm me, or atleast if it says you can't then it was :s If you register on GW2Fans (Our fansite) you will be able to PM on there, name is the same :) Or you can just type it on my profile xD but anyways <333 been soooooo long!

  10. Heavenlyheals » Adria

    Heya its me heavenlyheals clear ur inbox so i can pm haha xD grts heaven

  11. Agahnim » Cattagon

    No clue tbh, I think someone invited me.. can't remember at all.

  12. Adria » Robbie

    Ya! We need to start spanking some people and taking over to get more POWAH! xD jk

  13. Robbie » Adria

    meh! Us Irish folk have to stick together! we are a minority!!

  14. Adria » Robbie

    xD faillate but still <3

  15. Robbie » Adria

    Oi! Happy belated Paddy's day fellow countrylady!

  16. Cattagon » Agahnim

    Yo Poes when you got your dota 2 key, did you get it from someone or from steam? :P

  17. Cattagon » Agahnim

    Alright, I'm looking at a sony vaio Z23 if you know the model, (my dad got a pretty fat bonus for his company and offered to buy one for me) and well, on paper it seems great and all but I just thought I'd check with someone that has experience with Sony products and maybe even sony as a company!

  18. Agahnim » Cattagon

    Well, I have a Sony Vaio VPC-YB3V1E. It's very good for what I use it for, no complaints whatsoever. But then again, I don't buy a netbook just to phone customer support ;) I removed all the standard apps on it to make it run a little bit faster and have good 1080p playback (most of, if not all, sony's software is useless anyway).

  19. Cattagon » Agahnim

    Poes, you have any experience with Sony Vaio's by chance? I seem to recall reading sth about you having one on the forums somewhere... I could really use some feedback about it! I'm thinking about getting a vaio myself but sony's service over the phone is... well, pretty damn bad. So I'm kind of sceptical to the company as a whole :/

  20. Adria » Cattagon

    Ah.. I see xD

  21. Cattagon » Adria

    Lol, well I'd have come on to talk to you! I didn't think you meant the meeting, I was studying last night! I mean the people I talk to on a semi-regular basis are you, zir, asc, and poes pretty much! Oh and I also play games with Erlook and Syffer, sometimes! :P

  22. Adria » Cattagon

    Lol nub, the dates & times for the meeting was posted on the IMPORTANT: Activity-Checks thread xD Slacker! Your title suits you now xD

  23. Cattagon » Adria

    Whoa I totally missed this, notifications suck here! :< You should just add me on skype or something and write to me that way I know when to log on! :P